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Empowering you to fully achieve your dynamic health

Teneriffe Osteopathy is an Allied Health practice providing care and patient-centered Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Remedial Massage to all – we welcome people from all backgrounds.

Our philosophy is simple, we work to optimise bespoke form, balance, vitality and function. “A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession” Hippocrates

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What can Massage help with? Massage can help to restore a range of motion we may have forgotten was possible,...

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Osteopath Brisbane

Why choose Osteopathy? Are you looking for a Osteopath in Brisbane? Most people, regardless of age or gender, will suffer...

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Osteopath Brisbane


Why choose Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the body and mind. By integrating...

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Our Practitioners

Iain MacRae Osteopath/Owner

Iain trained in London and has over 17 years experience having set up and run multiple Osteopathic clinics in rural, remote and urban areas of London, Scotland and Australia.

Iain is experienced in treating a diverse range of people from all walks of life to optimise their wellbeing…. from newborns, elite athletes, professional musicians, dancers, physical theatre performers to trades people, office workers, retirees and families with general musculo-skeletal complaints.

Iain practices structural, cranial and biodynamic techniques.

Outside of clinic time, Iain is an adventurous and active person who enjoys travel and outdoor pursuits with his family.

Rhiona Robertson Naturopath

Rhiona is an experienced Naturopath with a passion for natural health, education, pregnancy and wellness care.

Rhiona believes everyone can live their life to the fullest and that ill-health or dis-ease are merely stepping stones on your way to optimal health and wellbeing.

Through integrating her knowledge of health and passion for education, Rhiona can help you to not only understand why your body is showing symptoms but she will create a plan with you to achieve your goals.

It’s never too late to start living your life to the fullest – every journey starts with a first step.

Rhiona is currently on maternity leave, please call for more information

Juliette Quentin Massage Therapist

Juliette was born in France and is interested in arts, music, theatre, outdoor activities and traveling.

After several years of traveling and working as a Clown Doctor in Reunion Island, Juliette has decided to settle in Australia with a strong desire to help people.

Massage stood out as the best way for her to do so.

Passionate about people, natural health and well being, Juliette deeply believes that helping people is our duty of care as human beings.

Exploring the world has taught Juliette that our body is our first home…so it feels better if the nest is comfortable!

Juliette acknowledges that everything moves and changes.

Helping people genuinely to relieve pain, reduce stress and enhance mobility is her mission.

Juliette graduated from the Australian College of Natural Therapies and offers her Massage treatments at Teneriffe Osteopathy.

Book NOW for a Swedish, Pregnancy or Deep Tissue Massage!!!!

Gemma Holston Practice Manager

Gemma has over 10yrs experience working in the Natural Medicine industry, as a practising Naturopath and Massage Therapist, In health food stores and managing healthcare clinics. Gemma feels right at home here at Teneriffe Osteopathy.

Gemma keeps herself busy raising two rapidly growing boys and enjoys the daily pleasures of life in Brisbane: good food, good coffee, sourcing pre-loved treasures, jogging with her dog in the forest and regularly visiting her childhood home in Northern NSW so she can head to beach with her family.

Ellie Plassan Osteopath

Ellie is a British-trained Osteopath with 4 years
experience in the industry. She has treated a broad
scope of presenting complaints, ranging from toddlers
to the elderly.
Ellie has always been fascinated by the human body
and she is very passionate about her job as it offers
her the opportunity to change people’s lives by helping
them say goodbye to pain and to feel
great again.
Throughout her clinical training, Elischeba has adopted a holistic approach, which consists mainly of structural osteopathy.
All of her treatments are patient-centred and tailored according to individual requirements.
She uses a variety of techniques to achieve pain relief and restore mobility and health.
An important aspect of her treatment strategy consists in educating her patients about their pain and giving them advice and exercises in order to share the responsibility of the care.
She firmly believes that patients should be actively involved in their recovery, as this will help speed it up.
Outside of work, Elischeba enjoys going shopping and travelling around the world to
experience different cultures.

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